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Pierre Zandrowicz & Ferdinand DervieuxFR

Pierre Zandrowicz & Ferdinand Dervieux<sup>FR</sup>
Pierre Zandrowicz & Ferdinand Dervieux

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Pierre Zandrowicz works at the crossroads of video games, theatre, art and film. He considers, examines and tests each new technology, and, if it is deemed viable, he adopts and uses it. His 2019 film Ex Anima, made in collaboration with Bartabas, was shot in stereoscopic 360 and produced by ARTE and MK2. Another of his VR films, in made in partnership with Google Arts & Culture, featured Chauvet Cave to celebrate its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list of protected sites. He also directed the sci-fi VR film and Venice Biennale 2020 selection, Mirror.

In 2008, following studies in visual arts and art history, Ferdinand Dervieux entered the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. In 2015, with Oculus set to hold a major International virtual-reality competition, he decided to try his hand at the then-experimental medium and co-produced three projects: DRIFT, Along the trail, and Panopticon. All three garnered awards, guaranteeing support from companies like Facebook and Google. Today, Dervieux creates multi-format, experimental experiences.


Pierre Zandrowicz is a pioneer in the field of audiovisual creation, while Ferdinand Dervieux creates virtual-reality experiments and games. Both are based in Paris.


Pierre Zandrowicz studied sociology before experimenting with film. At the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Ferdinand Dervieux learned skills including book-making and silkscreen printing, before trying out VR.