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Growing out of Montréal’s burgeoning after-hours scene, Rochman and Vargas cut their teeth as Pelada by playing late night warehouse parties to diverse crowds of punks, club kids, students and delinquents. They went on to an artist residency in Colombia in 2014, which provided the spark for 2016's first EP, exploring themes of governmental control, power, suppression and body politics, with Vargas' explosive voice lighting up the dark crevasses of Rochman's cavernous, immense productions. Following their debut release, the duo toured extensively in Europe, becoming a word-of-mouth favorite from Russia to Spain.

2019's Movimiento Para Cambio landed Pelada an even wider audience on experimental label of note PAN, a riotous rejection of patriarchy and the male gaze backed by hypnotic rave stabs, demow rhyhtms, and bubbling acidic workouts. It rightfully landed as one of Resident Advisor's top albums of the year, cementing the duo's reputation for being untethered by genre expectations.

Synths, samplers and drum machines in tow, Pelada unleashed their impassioned live show for MUTEK ES+AR 2021, they assembled a patchwork of hardware synthesizers, samplers and drum machines to deliver a unique, exhilarating and unpolished high energy performance which explores the modern, borderless, genreless clubbing landscape while simultaneously pushing the idea of live electronic music into a more immediate and confrontational punk paradigm. Imminently danceable, this is culturally aware, urgently political body music for a world on the brink of collapse.


PAN, Mind Records


Movimiento Para Cambio ‎(Pan, 2019), No Hay (2016, Mind Records)


2019's Movimiento Para Cambio was one of Resident Advisor's top albums of the year, broaching subjects from Big Data to patriarchy to refuting the male gaze.