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In the same vein as the French groups who venture into the fusion of jazz, funk, rock and electronic sounds, the Nôze duo made their arrival felt in 2005 with the first album ‘Sounds & Voices’. Immediately acclaimed by the media and the public, Nôze seduces the crowds with live performances both unique and energetic in nature. If Nicolas Sfintescu (AKA DJ Freak, founding member of the Circus Company label) and Ezechiel Pailhes simply defined themselves as a “French group that makes music,” the recent edition of their second LP allows us to conclude that they’re also a group that wants to rock. In ‘How to Dance’, a clear intention to reintroduce us to dance emerges via instrumental flows in which keyboards, saxophones, guitars and some collaborations with Ark combine to produce festive melodies laden with choruses full of heat and fiery beats. We can’t guarantee that the cigars, the champagne and the straw hats will be part of the party this time around, but we can be sure that at least on stage an explosive burst of expressionism will alight the venue.


Circus Company