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Nova HutaDE

Nova Huta<sup>DE</sup>
Nova Huta

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Following the demise of his old Polish uncle in 1992, sound-explorer Gunter Reznicek inherited a small Casio keyboard and a letter, asking him to preserve the 99 compositions saved in the instrument. A Bohemian musician who played ten years in the Nova Huta steel works, the uncle's visions had never transgressed the freedom of his imagination. The nephew, a sound-explorer yet unfamiliar with music as entertainment, hesitated for some years. With his first step on stage, however - armed with his Casio keyboard and a line-up of electronic waltzes and polkas - he was transformed instantly into an insatiable performer and crowd catalyst, the divine muse of a loving uncle from Eastern Europe. Experience the magic of Reznicek's Datschadelic Music.