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Noah PredCA/DE

Noah Pred<sup>CA/DE</sup>
Noah Pred

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Berlin-based Canadian artist Noah Pred explores our relationship with technology through interactive frameworks. He shapes abstract data flow though generative multimedia, creating visual landscapes that interact with entrancing sounds. Pred is a record producer, sound designer, technologist and educator. He was a notable figure in Canada's underground music scene in the early 2000's, having been a resident DJ at both Stereobar in Montréal and Fukhouse in Toronto. His acclaimed imprint Thoughtless showcases his use of hardware and software in his hypnotic techno tracks. He relocated in Berlin in 2011 to expand his creative horizons while collaborating with many talented artists. He recently founded Timeshare, a label that concentrates on collaborations while aiming to assist charitable organizations. He was Canada’s first Ableton Certified Trainer, and has taught many techniques for studio practices and on-stage tips over the past decade. Today, he has turned his focus towards generative multimedia artworks and sound installations.


Berlin-based Noah Pred, a Canadian artist who aims to express abstract ideas through articificial lifeforms and ecosystems.


Pred has developped a Max for Live MIDI device called Note Raum, presenting a unique take on conventional note delay effects.


Pred is a two-time Juno Award nominee for Best Electronic Album, in 2014 and 2016.