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MIIIA, also known as N3ZHA, emanates from Shanghai's vibrant electronic music scene. Her alias is named after Nezha, a protective deity in Chinese folklore, representing Taoism. Over the past decade, she has carved out a niche with her distinctive soundscapes that merge psychedelic elements with themes of futuristic technology and cybernetic explorations.
Her journey in the music industry gained momentum with her radio show Trip Out Session on uDance, China's pioneering 24-hour underground electronic music station. This platform led to her first international gig in Zurich and paved the way to notable participations, including Sonar HK, ADE, and the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Beijing in 2014, where she shared stages with global artists like Benji B and Hudson Mohawke.
Known for her dynamic live sets using an array of hardware, she delivers a tactile and taking experience that resonates deeply. Under various aliases, including San Tai Zi, she continues to push musical boundaries, crafting soundscapes that are as innovative as they are emotive.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


Live | World Premiere

N3ZHA delves deep into her cultural roots through immersive soundscapes that celebrate loyalty, sacrifice, and the triumph of spirit. This performance is not just a tribute to heritage but a bold redefinition of electronic music, inviting listeners from all backgrounds to connect with a rich tapestry of sounds that resonate with universal themes of courage and rebirth.


N3ZHA, also known as MIIIA, is a Chinese-Canadian artist and icon of the Shanghai underground scene.


MIIIA, San Tai Zi