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Morita VargasAR

Morita Vargas<sup>AR</sup>
Morita Vargas

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Morita Vargas, singer-songwriter and Argentine DJ who since 2014 has captured her vision of the fantastic and surreal world in polyphonic compositions. Her debut album, 8, runs through sensations that take over the body and mind like a mystical journey, an invisible ritual connected to the deepest emotions.

With the use of indigenous instruments and a language without language, it mixes the ingredients in the form of an auditory potion where the words have no meaning but intentions.

Reverbs, delays, basses, silences, whispers, screams and theatricality characterize each one of his compositions added to the use of his voice as one more instrument. Fantasy and reality intermingle in the form of a genderless hypnotic mantra whereby musical magnetism takes the form of a secret.

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