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Credit: Geneviève Grenier

Emma Forgues is a Montréal-based new media artist who holds a bachelor’s degree in Computation Arts from Concordia University. Their artistic explorations delve into the impacts of science and technology on the female body, using installation and performance to probe these themes. Forgues’s work has graced numerous prestigious venues such as Pompidou Centre. They collaborate with the interdisciplinary arts collective somme, focusing on sociocultural dynamics through their installations.

Joël Lavoie, a sound and multimedia artist based in Montréal, delves into the depths of the subconscious to explore and question our social constructs and capacity for wonder. Through his compositions, Lavoie encourages listeners to reexamine their surroundings with speculative soundscapes that challenge conventional perceptions. His work extends beyond music production to sound design for theater and dance, seamlessly integrating his technical prowess as a sound engineer. His contributions to the performing arts were recognized with the ADISQ 2023 award for live sound of the year.

Philippe Vandal, a new media artist from Montréal, explores the confluence of technology, ecology, and art. As a student member of Concordia University’s Milieux Institute and other notable research groups, Vandal integrates bio-inspired design and environmental chemistry in his creations. His work emphasizes tangible media interventions that respond to site-specific conditions, often reflecting a deep engagement with sustainable art-science practices. Philippe’s artistic outputs have graced venues like the Pompidou Centre and Ars Electronica, showcasing his commitment to blending scientific inquiry with creative expression.

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Montréal 2024

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mesocosm CA/QCTerra Flecta
Live A/V

Terra Flecta by mesocosm trio, Emma Forgues, Philippe Vandal, and Joël Lavoie, stages a journey into speculative extraterrestrial biomes. Crafted during their Satosphère residency, the work melds photogrammetric visuals and soundscapes derived from Québec's contaminated locales with cinematic music, exploring futuristic possibilities and environmental narratives.


Emma Forgues : Instagram | Website

Joël Lavoie : Instagram | Website

Philippe Vandal : Website


Montréal trio mesocosm is made of videographer Emma Forgues and musicians Philippe Vandal et Joël Lavoie.


Emma Forgues
body circuit / parcours Corporel (2023)

Joël Lavoie
Situations 1 (2023)

Philippe Vandal
module 2: non-esg chaotic behavior (2023)


Montréal trio mesocosm return to MUTEK after their world premiere at the 22nd edition of the festival.