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Marilou Lyonnais A.CA/QC

Marilou Lyonnais A.<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Marilou Lyonnais A.

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Marilou Lyonnais A. has a bachelor's degree in Visual and Media Arts Education from UQAM and a certificate in Art History. She proposes a reflexive work on our current digital condition via a plural approach: photography, video, installation and sound. When Lyonnais A. is not engaged in a visual realization, she explores new avenues of sound with one of her various musical projects like Saudade, (oum and HeartEnsemble. She also hosts a monthly radio show on


Marilou Lyonnais A is a visual artist, musician and DJ based in Montréal.


2022 - Üble Schlucht
2020 - DATA EYES - Digital Residency (Centre Phi)
2018 - INVALID (leslueurs) - NEVER APART