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Malibu, the artistic persona of French DJ and producer Barbara Braccini, stands at the crossroads of ambient music and introspective soundscapes. Crafting tracks that blend the ethereal with the personal, Malibu's music serves as a diary expressed through lush, atmospheric sounds. Each composition, deeply diaristic, carries the imprint of her emotional landscape, where melancholy meets the synthetic symphony of strings and choirs.
In her acclaimed 2019 mini-LP One Life, released under the banner of UNO NYC, Malibu ventures into themes of loss and reflection through immersive, atmospheric vocals and enchanting synths. This work, alongside her subsequent release Palaces of Pity in 2022, outlines her narrative arc of dealing with friendship and emotional transitions, framed within her unique auditory expressions.
Her monthly NTS show, United In Flames, reveals another facet of her creativity. Here, she reinterprets and weaves together a tapestry of sounds and samples, showcasing her skill in creating new narratives from known melodies. Her approach is both unorthodox and innovative, often leading her audience into uncharted musical territories.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


Malibu FR

Malibu will immerse audiences in a soundscape where personal reflections are articulated through ethereal synths and atmospheric vocals. Her music, deeply introspective and meticulously crafted, invites listeners into her unique emotional and auditory world, marking an unforgettable experience.

Présentée avec le soutien du Consulat général de France à Québec.

Malibu is a French producer and DJ with an ethereal, melancholy sound.




Palaces of Pity (2022)
One Life (2019)


Since 2020, Malibu has hosted United in Flames, a show broadcast monthly on Radar Radio London, n10as, sometimes Twitch - and currently on NTS London.


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