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Lamin FofanaUS

Lamin Fofana<sup>US</sup>
Lamin Fofana

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Credit: Walter Wlodarczyk

Lamin Fofana, a New York-based artist and musician, crafts an evocative blend of sound that navigates the profound terrains of movement, migration, alienation, and belonging. His music is an inquiry into the contrast between the tangible realities of our world and the elusive, intangible beyond. Fofana transforms historical narratives and textual material into rich sonic landscapes, integrating original compositions, field recordings, and archival elements. This process culminates in multisensory live performances and installations that challenge and engage the audience.
His creative output includes impactful releases such as the trilogy Ballad Air & Fire, Shafts of Sunlight, and The Open Boat, alongside albums like Here Lies Universality and Unsettling Scores.
Fofana’s recent exhibitions—such as "Dark Waters" with William Turner at Tate Liverpool and a call to disorder at Haus der Kunst—showcase his ability to bridge the historical with the contemporary, creating immersive experiences that resonate on multiple sensory levels. As a regular host on NTS Radio, he extends his auditory exploration, bringing his distinctive sound to a global audience.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


Lamin Fofana US
Live | North American Premiere

Lamin Fofana will immerse audiences in a world crafted from the ethereal interplay of history and contemporary realities. His performance, deeply rooted in his exploration of migration and belonging, transforms personal and collective narratives into captivating soundscapes. Fofana's distinctive use of field recordings and archival sounds, alongside his innovative compositions, promises a multisensory experience that challenges and enriches our perceptions of identity and place.


Lamin Fofana is Sierra Leone-born artist and musician based in New-York.


Lamin Fofana is the founder of the two labels Sci-Fi & Fantasy and Black Studies.