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L41N_9 (Paula Díaz Mendilaharzu)AR

L41N_9 (Paula Díaz Mendilaharzu)<sup>AR</sup>
L41N_9 (Paula Díaz Mendilaharzu)

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Paula Diaz Mendilaharzu aka Lain_9 is a multidisciplinary artist with a degree in cinematography, independent music and cultural manager.

She works with video creating poetic essays and video-installations that reflect on the digital information age and the configuration of identity in the midst of this paradigm, using old formats such as VHS, MiniDV to create a retro-futuristic environment. She is a fan of science fiction, she combines video and sound to create landscapes and dystopian characters that invite us to fight everything that oppresses us through art and music.

She also produces electronic music, within the genres of detroit techno, IDM, house and acid. Programming electronic basses and synthesized melodies, she shapes her first solo project, Lain_9, a mothership with her first EP already orbiting the net: Hall 9000. She previously participated in several projects as a bassist, programming drum machines and synthesizers. She also produced and directed the “Motor Pop” band festival.

In December 2021 she participated in Artlab Artistic Residencies x Amplify D.A.I, carrying out an artistic project in Live Set AV format, in collaboration with Canadian artist Sonya Stefan.

At MUTEK AR 2022, he will present his work together with the Canadian artist Sonya Stefan, made within the Artistic Residences Program x Amplify D.A.I and Artlab.