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Korea Town AcidKR/CA

Korea Town Acid<sup>KR/CA</sup>
Korea Town Acid

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Credit: Nelson Huang

Korea Town Acid, born Jessica Cho in Seoul, South Korea, and now based in Toronto, embodies a unique blend of musical creativity. A classically trained pianist, Korea Town Acid transcends her roots, weaving together a complex tapestry of sound that integrates classical influences with a bold, contemporary edge. Her music often explores the use of analog and digital polysynths, sequencers, and samplers, crafting moody and unpredictable soundscapes.
Korea Town Acid's artistic expression is not confined to traditional musical boundaries. Instead, she ventures into avant-garde territories, blending disassembled minimalism, free jazz, and avant-garde corners of techno into her sets. This innovative approach has garnered international attention, allowing her to perform extensively across Europe, North America, and her native Seoul.
Distinguished by her engagement with cutting-edge technology and modern sound textures, Korea Town Acid continues to push the envelope, maintaining an active presence in the music scene through performances and her monthly show on Brooklyn’s The Lot Radio. Her recent music projects, including her albums Metamorphosis and Cosmos, highlight her dynamic range and commitment to evolving her sound, making her performances a vivid showcase of her artistic journey.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


Korea Town Acid KR/CASonic Chaser
Live | Canadian Premiere

Korea Town Acid unleashes her avant-garde electronic explorations in Sonic Chaser. Her performance weaves dubby beats, syncopated rhythms, and industrial textures into a compelling narrative, highlighted by mesmerizing live finger drumming. Her innovative use of analog and digital tools crafts unpredictable soundscapes that bridge classical influences with futuristic sounds.


Korea Town Acid (Jessica Cho) is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist from South Korea.


In Motion (2024)
Cosmos (2021)


During her childhood, Korea Town Acid was taught classical piano, helping her to perfect her musical ear.