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Keila SankofaBR

Keila Sankofa<sup>BR</sup>
Keila Sankofa

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Manaus - AM, where Keila Sankofa lives and works. Visual artist, filmmaker and audiovisual producer. Graduated in Social Communication at ProUni, she is also a Specialist in Cultural Production Management at the State University of Amazonas - UEA.

She understands the street as a space for dialogue with the city, producing audiovisual installations that exhibit films, photographs and video art. An artist who uses photography and audiovisual as a tool to propose self-esteem and question the eliminations of black people; currently, she uses her body as a protagonist in the construction of her works.

She has extensive experience in directing the production of audiovisual projects such as series and short films, as well as in the production of shows, festivals and performances in various artistic languages. Manager of the Picolé da Massa Group and member of the Association of Black Audiovisual Professionals of APAN, Nacional Trovoa and Coletivo Tupiniqueen.

In December 2021, she participated in Artlab Artistic Residencies x Amplify D.A.I together with sound artist and multi-instrumentalist Fernanda Flores, Symi. The collaborative work addresses the idea of nourishment and affectivity, combining performance and video art with experimental electronic music.