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Kate Lesta - Communikey (CMKY)US

Kate Lesta - Communikey (CMKY)<sup>US</sup>
Kate Lesta - Communikey (CMKY)

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Kate Lesta was brought up around art, theatre, and with a non-traditional education. Raised in both Boulder, Colorado and Ibiza, Spain, Kate followed a natural inclination towards creating intercultural expressions in order to build new platforms. The artist cooperative that she founded at age 16 later evolved into event production work, concerned with the intersection of digital technology, electronic music, immersive experience, and progressive mediums. She has executed hundreds of successful events, both large scale and local/private over the course of the last fifteen years. The Communikey Festival, which Kate founded and directed, lead her to involvement with festival networks that span the globe. With a unique understanding of diplomacy, the music industry, and curation, Kate continues to facilitate sustainable systems, safe spaces, and interpersonal growth via community connectedness.