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Born in the small city of Santa Rosa, La Pampa, and currently based in Buenos Aires, Josefina's focus on music production was essentially founded on a free, intuitive and self-made experimental territory, where genres and labels are Fluid and constantly changing, their aesthetic language has also been enriched through collaboration with artists from other disciplines, but mainly working on sound design.

Currently he is directing the project “InstrumentoOptico”, the consequent show of his first solo EP, experimental electronic, brought to the stage together with the collective of artists I-O, turning it into a multi-sensory audiovisual experience. It is also the voice of the experimental rock-punk band BlancoTeta recognized on the Buenos Aires scene for its viscerality and brutal performance. She is an active part of the collective #VIVAS BancoSonoroPúblico of voices, sound experiences, and a feminist dissemination platform. He is also a dj, performs sound installations and presents himself with a single set of voice and computer.

InstrumentoOptico appears as part of the Amplify-INAMU call.

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