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Jonathan Scherk & Daniel MajerCA

Jonathan Scherk & Daniel Majer<sup>CA</sup>
Jonathan Scherk & Daniel Majer

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Overlooked and abandoned sounds take on new emotional form and presence in Jonathan Scherk and Daniel Majer's music, where dreamlike melodies, electronic signals and tape hiss come layered among rumbling bass and drone.

Like many artists creating ambient underground music in Canada, Scherk and Majer have shared creative space and ideas for several years, informing and elevating each other's solo projects and playing dual live sets that use digital processing technologies to manipulate a variety of sound sources. Majer is an electronic musician and sound artist with a body of work that spans multimedia installations, sound design, original scores for award-winning short films, solo and collaborative laptop performances and classical forms of ensemble composition as well as collaborations with visual artists. Following the release of his debut solo album Isla 14, a spacious exploration of minimal digital melody and sound deterioration, he toured his live set throughout Japan with Scherk. Scherk's music and sound work approaches technique and interpretation in parallel, balancing technical process with aesthetics to craft sparkly, computer driven, introspective landscapes. Under the name 80(sun) he released a tape of serenely oscillating synths, syncopation and white noise, and went on to collaborate in electronic trio Plays:four. He self-released his first ambient album Catalogue: 1-12 and followed its hypnotic sound on his Modelled LP, a journey through percussive clicks, acousmatic euphoria and glitchy nostalgia.

Shortly after Scherk and Majer release It's Counterpart on Jan Jelinek's Berlin based label Faitiche, they'll perform its expansive sounds live at MUTEK, fittingly sharing a bill with him.


Faitiche, Videogamemusic, ISLA


It's Counterpart (forthcoming) ; Jonathan Scherk: Modelled (2017) ; Daniel Majer: ISLA 14 (2017)


Protégés of Jan Jelinek, Scherk and Majer share the same MUTEK bill and similar ambient sound as the groundbreaking minimalist techno composer