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Jenny Ramírez Osorio, known as "Jennitza" is a sound artist, clarinetist, composer with electroacoustic and electronic means, radio producer and live performer, born in Colombia and based in Argentina. She has a degree in Music (UTP, Colombia) and a Diploma in Digital Audio (UTN, Argentina) and Electronic Music Producer (FUNLAP, Argentina).

She explores the sound resources of the clarinet through digital processing, creates and merges sounds and rhythms from the environment, from her own sound machines (DIY), synthesizers and sequencers giving life to sonorities and atmospheres that blur the boundaries between indie music, minimalist, modern composition and electronic music. She has made compositions for various artists and disciplines including dance, film and theater. She has participated in international festivals such as "LABIONICA - Women sound artists from Latin America", a project in collaboration between Interface (Chile) and the house of sound RTVE (Spain) in 2015, and "ENCUENTRO DEL 4TO TIPO" in 2018 (Argentina). In 2019 she made the remix of the work "Another place" for the band PAR (Uruguay). She has participated in conferences such as "JAMTEC" in 2018 (National University of Quilmes). She has been selected for the cultural residency PROYECTO CASA USINA EN RESIDENCIA in 2017.

She has taught workshops on sonorities and transmedia at different universities in Argentina, such as the Universidad Nacional del Litoral and the Universidad Autónoma de Entre Ríos. She has been part of the FEMINOISE collective (where she is part of the compilation Feminoise Latin America Vol.3 and Canciones de mujeres Argentinas, both from the Sisters Triangla Records label, Patagonia). She is manager of the FEMINOISE headquarters in the LITORAL of Argentina. She has played at cultural events such as La Noche de los Museos, and openings of artistic exhibitions. She has recorded and deepened her knowledge in the renowned Study-laboratory "La Siesta del Fauno" with Ernesto Romeo (Buenos Aires). She carries out Foley studies at “LaISLA–Laboratory for sound research in audiovisual languages”, National University of Córdoba. She currently teaches at the Adventist University of Plata (UAP), and at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL), Reconquista (Santa Fe). She belongs to RUIDAS Colectiva Experimental Pná-ER and is part of the symphonic band of the city of Rafaela (Santa Fe).

Her works are developed between the limits of the digital, the analogical, the individual and the collective; she participates with various artists and disciplines in festivals and compilations in America and Europe. She is the manager and member of the collective Minga, she is also a member of the Amplify D.A.I (Digital Arts Initiative) Argentina network and belongs to the teaching team of the Media Lab, Universidad Tocuato Di Tella.