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Hesam Ohadi, known as Idlefon, is an Iranian Canadian computer musician hailing from Tehran, born in 1987. Currently based in Calgary, Canada. Idlefon's music blends ambient, IDM, industrial, and shoegaze elements. Notable for their faded vocals, deep pads, and harsh rhythms, Idlefon is a co-founder of the experimental art label BITROT and SET Music Festival.

With releases on Tympanic Audio and n5MD, Idlefon has performed in cities like Calgary, Vancouver, Berlin, and Copenhagen. Their latest live set Aesthetics of Survival showcases a shift towards more lyrical and vocal-focused compositions within the realms of shoegaze-inspired vocals and IDM/industrial music. Key works include Intensive Collectivity Known As City (2014), Submarine (2015), Coldstream (2021), and contributions to compilations like Girih (2018). Influenced by early Warp Records IDM, n5MD releases, and Shoegaze music, Idlefon's sound is a unique fusion of these genres.

Upcoming performances

Dubai 2024

Idlefon brings out their new live set “Aesthetics of Survival”. This live set marks a change in Idlefon’s approach to vocals and unlike their previous work, finds a new focus on lyricism and singing. In this live set, they work towards finding a fitting blend between shoegaze-inspired vocals and IDM/industrial music.


n5MD, Discogs, and SET – Experimental Art Events


"Intensive Collectivity Known As City" (2014)
"Submarine" (2015)
Contributions to compilations like "Girih" (2018)
"Coldstream" (2021)