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Gui BorattoBR

Gui Boratto<sup>BR</sup>
Gui Boratto

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[CANADIAN DEBUT] An architect, producer, musician, and composer, Sao Paulo's Gui Boratto is a man of many talents. Born in 1974, he began adult life as a music publicist, working on campaigns for various Brazilian labels promoting albums by Latino-rock celebrity Manu Chao, reggae legends Steel Pulse, new-country superstar Garth Brooks, and tropicalia queen Gal Costa. In 2003, he emerged as one of the remixers for the soundtrack to the Oscar-nominated Brazilian art-house film City of God. International notoriety soon followed in 2005, when the Kompakt label signed Boratto to their upstart singles sub-label, K2. Arquipélago, the resulting single, became an international club success. In 2007, he released his debut album on Kompakt, Chromophobia, which has met with instant critical raves. Boratto specializes in a form of kaleidoscopic trance reminiscent of the genre's early allegiance to euphoric peaks and valleys, but it's the manner in which he deviates from this formula with slight electro-house flourishes that separates him from the current crop of neo-trance revivalists. His productions are synth-heavy and color-evocative, cinematic in scope and yet still driven by a mid-tempo rhythmic minimalism that makes them so powerful on the dance floor. Certainly, Gui Boratto is one of this year's rising talents to watch.