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The jewel in the crown of the Dutch experimental scene, Goem (Frans de Waard, Roel Meelkop and Peter Duimelinks) brings a new dimension to techno. In 1996, original members de Waard and Meelkop used a small electronic device knows as the Student Stimulator to generate a series of pulses, which they later re-mixed by adding in sound effects, analogue synthesizers, and filters. Now, with Duimelinks, their abrasive music combines sounds captured or generated outside perceptible limits with progressively varying rhythms. The three members of Goem fulfill many roles in Holland's techno scene; also performing as Kapotte Muziek (which can be heard at the MUTEK Happy Hour on Friday, June 1), they are involved with various labels such as Staalplaat,, and Microwaves. Goem's performance at MUTEK will be its first in North America and Kapotte Muziek's will be its first in Canada.