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Gene Tellem & Myriam BoucherCA/QC

Gene Tellem & Myriam Boucher<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Gene Tellem & Myriam Boucher

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Gene Tellem

Whether taking centre stage as a DJ, producer or label head, Gene Tellem communicates her own style of tweaked soul music through house and techno scripts, dedicating her productions to grooves for both nodding heads and wiggling bodies. Montreal-bred, her productions are largely inspired by the reverie and energy of electronic dance events, infused with the rhythms, melodies, movements and collective emotions of the live underground club experience.

Myriam Boucher

Inspired by natural phenomena, Myriam Boucher merges the organic and the synthetic in her mesmerizing visuals, installations and performances. Her sensitive and polymorphic work explores the intimate dialogue and fluid shifts between music, sound and image.

Previously at MUTEK, Boucher brought modified bicycle wheels, altered electronics and palpable on-stage energy to performance quartet QUADr, projected audioreactive visuals onto instruments in project Imaginary Landscapes, and explored phasing as it relates to music and image. This year at HYBRID – CUTTING EDGE CANADA, she brings her full and versatile capacities as a VJ to the stage.