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Fransy GonzalézES

Fransy Gonzaléz<sup>ES</sup>
Fransy Gonzaléz

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Fransy González is one of the most representative voices of Galician traditional music.
From a very young age, she was part of the group of tambourine players "Xiradela", as a result of which a research group was created with the aim of collecting traditional songs in the region of Bergantiños. This fact deeply marks Fransy's vital and professional trajectory, since she has direct access to the sources: the Galician informants in the 80s. In this way he carries out an intense work of recovery and dissemination of the traditional vocal repertoire.

Throughout his career, Fransy has recorded and collaborated with artists such as Carlos Núñez, Dulce Pontes, Jordi Savall, Erik Marchand, Kepa Junkera and The Chieftains, among others. He is currently preparing the first album of his most recent project, which also includes Cibrán Seixo and Davide Salvado.