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Factory FloorUK

Factory Floor<sup>UK</sup>
Factory Floor

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Emerging from the vibrant underbelly of London's electronic music scene, Factory Floor stands out within the techno and post-industrial genres. Comprising of co-founder Gabriel Gurnsey and Nik Colk Void, this duo thrives on a dynamic approach to electronic music, seamlessly integrating elements of acid, techno, and minimalism.
Factory Floor's musical journey began in a North London warehouse, where their self-titled debut album was recorded and released in 2012 through DFA Records. The album was a critical success, capturing the essence of their expansive and experimental live performances. Following their debut, the evolution of their sound continued with the 2015 album 2525, which showcased a refined synthesis of rhythmic complexity and technological exploration.
Gurnsey's expertise in drums, percussion, and electronics, combined with Void's innovative use of guitar and vocals, creates a distinctive auditory experience that is both raw and intricate. Factory Floor is known for their formidable live performances, which are a testament to their ability to transform any space into a charismatic sonic environment.

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Montréal 2024


Factory floor UK
Live | World Premiere

Factory Floor, composed of Gabriel Gurnsey and Nik Colk Void, energizes MUTEK Montréal with their blend of techno and post-industrial sounds. Known for dynamic live shows, they utilize electronics and live percussion, drawing from industrial and avant-garde influences. Their performances are an intense exploration of rhythm and texture.


Factory Floor is a London-based duo made up of artists Gabriel Gurnsey and Nik Colk Void.


H/O/D Records, DFA


Transform (2018)
2525 + 5 EP (2017)


Factory Floor returns to the stage for the 25th edition of MUTEK after a 5-year absence.