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Erin GeeCA/QC

Erin Gee<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Erin Gee

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The psyche is a raw material. Inspired by the online phenomena of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), Erin Gee, a Canadian performance artist and composer based in Tio'tia:ke/Montréal, uses psychological triggers to create chain reactions in the body. She whispers, taps, and sings to provoke physiological responses. By drawing upon science and technology, poetry and dark humor, Gee creates eerie, hypnotic realms, in which she exposes her interior experience as an automatic, unconscious, sensual matter. She is inspired by ASMR, hypnotism, feminist theory, and the placebo effect.
Her work has been presented at Vancouver New Music (CA), Karachi Biennale (PK), Centro de Arte Sonoro (AR), ISEA 2022 (ES), MacKenzie Art Gallery (CA), LEV Festival (ES), MUTEK (CA/ES/AR), Toronto Biennale (CA), and Ars Electronica (AT).


Erin Gee, Canadian performance artist and composer based in Tio'tia:ke/Montréal.