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Elypsis is composed of Valentina Ruth Cuello and Lucía Fourcade Venezia.

Valentina, from Córdoba Capital (Argentina, 1985), is a visual artist holding a degree from the Faculty of Arts (UNC). In 2011, she pursued a Postgraduate degree in Media Arts (UNC; U. de Chile, U. Caldas), sparking her curiosity and research in new media, which became a central theme in her work. Since 2013, she has been involved in real-time video interventions, performances, and experimental music events, blending her own video production with a marked contemplative aesthetic of video art.

Lucía, from Río Cuarto (Córdoba | Argentina, 1996), holds a degree in Graphic Design from Universidad Blas Pascal. Starting in 2018, she delved into the manipulation of moving images through parametric representations, VJing, and Videomapping. Currently, she conducts experiments with images in TouchDesigner to create content and explore new ways of utilizing spaces.

This intergenerational fusion arose from the need to combine visual languages, incorporating elements of both reference and abstract generative aspects. This amalgamation of images enhances and creates an immersive environment. With this concept, we successfully engage our visual world with ambient, noise, experimental, and electronic music, fostering a dialogue between the two.