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EEJUNGMI is the electronic solo project of artist Katie Lee. Through this pseudonym, she questions what was, what is, and what will be and addresses emotional landscapes surrounding identity. Currently based in Toronto, the Canadian artist has previously lived in several cities across the country including Calgary and Montréal.

EEJUNGMI's soundscape seems comforting at first listen, but once immersed in her world, the songs become increasingly challenging. Her songs have a habit of challenging the listener to confront hidden emotions that can both grip and tear at your heart. With her EP Contribution, the artist proved her ability to focus on loss, building and rebuilding, a personal catharsis she loves to explore. Lee, like her music, is multi-faceted and complicated in the best possible sense of the word; she is not afraid of dissonance and will always be willing to discover the art and beauty in all human relationships. Musically, Lee has learned to let go and is now ready to receive what the universe sends her.


EEJUNGMI is an experimental pop/electronic artist who shines with the lightness of her songs. Her pulsating rhythms, undulating synths and airy vocals fit perfectly into the mix of styles, while allowing her grooves to shine.


Contribution (2020)


In addition to her solo practice, EEJUNGMI has played in bands such as Saccharine, Port St. Willow and Braids.