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Edy FungHK

Edy Fung<sup>HK</sup>
Edy FungHK
AVisions - Amplify 1 Premiere AR

05.06 | 19:00_21:00
LIVE AV: 20:30

AVisions - AMPLIFY 1 Premiere ES

05.06 | 14:00_16:00
LIVE: 15:30

AVisions - AMPLIFY 1 Premiere JP

05.07 | 07:00_09:00
LIVE AV: 08:30

Hong Kong sound artist based in Derry, UK, also known as Quantum Foam. Intrigued by the themes of hauntology, she has previously focused on capturing sound environments with a temporary and fleeting nature, such as exhibition spaces, empty and abandoned buildings. Linking electroacoustic practices with theories of New Materialism, her current work aims to explore and manipulate these found sounds with machine listening, revealing non-anthropocentric viewpoints and creating music that responds to the location it is in. Vibrant tracks are sequenced, stretched and molded into musical genres such as drone and techno.

Guest artist at Sonic Arts Research Center since 2019 and has taken on various roles in performance, composition and curating sound art exhibitions in Belfast and Derry.