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Deadbeat presents Ark Welders GuildCA/DE

Deadbeat presents Ark Welders Guild<sup>CA/DE</sup>
Deadbeat presents Ark Welders Guild

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Ark Welders Guild is a new audiovisual project created by Scott Monteith, best known by his stage name Deadbeat, in collaboration with Italian singer Letizia Trussi. Their first debut, Mons Clepsydra, is a 1 hour durational ambient piece in four parts. Peaceful and severe, contemplative and grave, the track takes its inspiration from the mountain element and reflects on the relativity of our time - rock and hourglass; it delves into the concept of the sublime, intended in its broad philosophic and aesthetic sense - encompassing beauty and threat. A second album, which weaves an intricate web of polyrhythmic audiovisual psychedelia spanning several genres and tempos, exploring the relativity of time and our perception of it is planned for the fall and this new material will be debuted at MUTEK.

Scott Monteith is a musician, sound artist and music technology educator. Active since the early aughts, the Canadian producer has been pushing Dub sounds into previously unheard directions, notably thanks to his signature minimal sounds. Based in Berlin since 2006, Monteith produced 20 albums, three dozen singles and countless remixes and collaborations under his Deadbeat moniker, and is largely recognized as one of the Dub movement’s most notorious archivists.


Italian singer and curator Letizia Trussi and Canadian musician Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat both based in Berlin.




Mons Clepsydra (BLKRTZ, 2023)


Mons Clepsydra is a Latin term referring to water flowing from a mountain at regular intervals, akin to a time measurement system.