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Costanza Francavilla<sup>IT</sup>
Costanza Francavilla

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Costanza Francavilla is an Italian composer and producer, based in Ibiza, that combines the use of analog/modular synthesizers and sound design by mixing electronica with classical music with an evocative and minimalist approach. Her sensuous voice and dreamlike compositions captured the likes of Tricky with whom she collaborated and toured with for several years as a singer and co-producer.

In the mid 2000, Costanza founded ZEROKILLED MUSIC, a record label and artist collective specialized in compositions for film and visual media with an electronic, contemporary classic, experimental music approach. She currently produces and writes soundtracks for movie trailers with productions that include ¨Blade Runner 2049¨, ¨Counterpart¨ (TV show with Oscar winner J.K. Simmonds), ¨The Hunger Games¨ or ¨Buiguilded¨ (by Sofia Copolla).

Since relocating in Ibiza in 2016, she has been exploring vibroacoustic and sound-wave therapies through the stimulation in Theta brainwave frequencies, waves that are associated with deep relaxation, meditation, creativity and intuitive awareness.

In Costanza's ambient live set, Binaural Beats are laid underneath ambient sounds and dreamy ethereal melodies played with Modular Synths and vibroacoustics instruments: when the audience listens through headphones, the brain is encouraged to follow and produce more Theta Brainwaves and therefore to enter into a relaxing dream-state.

Costanza Fancavilla is presented as part of the MUSE ¨A new Wave in the Mediterranean¨ program, promoted by the Italian Consulate General in Barcelona.


Born in Rome, based in Ibiza, Italian composer and music producer, Costanza Francavilla