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Jeremy Shaw embarked on his artistic journey in 1997, exploring various paths and deviating along the way. Today, he is known for his reinterpretation and recreation of the post-punk sound of the 80s, which is reflected in his exceptional record releases, affiliations with notable labels, and collaborations with music groups. One of the highlights of his career is his association with Output Recordings, an English label led by the visionary neo-disco advocate Trevor Jackson. This collaboration played a significant role in reevaluating the diverse soundscapes that emerged during the 80s, encompassing elements of pop and new wave. In 1999, Shaw released his first EP on Output Recordings titled "The Distance After," which showcased his adeptness at blending the atmospheric textures of shoegaze with what would later be recognized as IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). However, it took several years for Shaw to gain the recognition and attention he enjoys today within the thriving synth-pop scene.

His most recent album, "Pre-Earthquake Anthem," recorded in 2004, further solidifies his position as a pioneer of Canadian electro-pop. The album foreshadowed a sonic landscape that now saturates the void of human emotions left by the clinical austerity of techno. Shaw, like other artists on the same label such as Colder and Circlesquare, crafts songs that explore dark atmospheres and melodies common to city dwellers. His lyrics delve into nocturnal themes, while his prodigious digital arsenal manipulates textures and layers of noise, transforming them into urban whispers that evoke haunting emotions. Shaw's spectral compositions exhibit exceptional vocal and dramatic refinement, complemented by his performances with a live band. Undoubtedly, Jeremy Shaw is one of those rare projects that have been meticulously crafted, waiting for the perfect moment to settle into their poetic essence, precisely when they are meant to be.


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