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Chris Salter & Alexandre SaunierUS/QC+FR/QC

Chris Salter & Alexandre Saunier<sup>US/QC+FR/QC</sup>
Chris Salter & Alexandre Saunier

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SNN #3: Forms of the Living takes place simultaneously in three distant locations: live in Montréal, Berlin and Tokyo. Using light, video, sound, VR, artificial life algorithms and neural networks, Salter, Saunier and Ikegami orchestrate a global experience that while internationally shared, is impossible to grasp in its entirety.

Chris Salter: Bio | Website

Alexandre Saunier: Website | Vimeo


Artist, professor, and research chair Chris Salter, artist and doctoral researcher Alexandre Saunier and physicist and artificial life expert Takashi Ikegami.
The SNN#3: Forms of the Living performance is assisted by Berlin Monom's director William Russell, sound designer Rodrigo Stambuk and virtual environment designer Timothy Thomasson.


SNN #2: Light/Space/Modulator (2020), SNN #1: The Speed of Thought Itself (2019), SNN #0: Totem (2019)


Chris Salter's latest book, Alien Agency (2015), explores unexpected behaviours of artistic materials. Alexandre Saunier was among 11 Concordia students to exhibit works at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz in 2018.