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Boris & Brecht DebackereBE

Boris & Brecht Debackere<sup>BE</sup>
Boris & Brecht Debackere

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Rotor is an audio-visual collaboration between Boris Debackere, who handles audio, and Brecht Debackere, who handles video. Together, this duo transcends the boundaries of the conventional cinema experience by pushing the format (and its accompanying sound) into what they call 'the age of instant creation'. As opposed to conventional cinema, in which the steady hand of visuals manipulates human movements across a screen for an audience, Rotor's live cinema instead uses the steady hand of human movement to manipulate live visuals for their audience. The cinema is created as they go. Thus, this collaboration for MUTEK presents a live-cinema performance that explores the characteristics of a virtual audio/visual space and how it juxtasposes the classic pre-meditated, two-dimensional notion of film.