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Hamie Robitaille is an art director and graphic designer in Montréal. Constantly playing with the boundaries between art and design, she has worked with agencies such as Cossette, Moment Factory and K72. A graduate of EDCM, French-Irish designer and performer Molly Siboulet-Ryan began her career with Marion Musac's projects. She is also interested in sound and video editing. Also a graduate of EDCM, choreographer and dancer Stefania Skoryna has performed for Mélanie Demers, the Pétrus/Jérémie Niel company and Martin Messier. She has several collaborative projects and has choreographed for multiple events. Singer and keyboardist for the groups I.D.A.L.G. and JesuslesFilles, Yuki Berthiaume is also a well known DJ on the Montréal music scene where she has been working for almost five years. For his part, Ganesh Baron Aloir graduated in Graphic Design and Visual Arts at UQAM. His career in interactivity and multimedia production has led him to work on a series of AR/VR experiences, interactive installations and large-scale shows.


Hamie Robitaille, art director and graphic designer; Molly Siboulet-Ryan, performer and EDCM graduate; Yuki Berthiaume, singer and keyboardist for I.D.A.L.G. and JesuslesFilles; Stefania Skoryna, choreographer and performer; and transdisciplinary artist Ganesh Baron Aloir.


Molly Siboulet-Ryan : Les danses de mai (2020)
Yuki Berthiaume : L'heure idéale (Jesuslesfilles) (2021)
Stefania Skoryna : Ellipses (2019)
Ganesh Baron Aloir : Narcisse : Narcisse (2021)


BEATS is a multidisciplinary performance by a Montréal-based collective combining contemporary dance, visual projections and sound creation. The performance is a creative loop exploring the limits of each discipline.