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Andrew WeatherallUK

Andrew Weatherall<sup>UK</sup>
Andrew Weatherall

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This rare appearance by a DJ at MUTEK is stamped with the seal of excellence and of continuity. Effectively, Andrew Weatherall (a first-timer on the Montreal scene) is a producer with an otherwise well-used passport. An internationally reputed DJ, having captivated the attention of millions of listeners with his remarkable stage shows in large clubs and events, the Briton remains first and foremost a seminal producer. It was in 1989 that we first felt his presence, at the heart of Primal Scream, as the producer of Screamadelica. The years that followed saw him found The Sabres of Paradise, and along with Keith Tenniswood, The Two Lone Swordsmen-projects that have excited and motivated a generation of young Brits among others. He was the originator of the legendary British label Junior Boy's Own before developing Audio Emissions and opening his own club, Sabresonic. And if that wasn't enough, he also created the theme song for the film Trainspotting. Andrew Weatherall is the personification of British electronic music; he's one of its most sincere and one of its most remarkable representatives.