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Ali Phi<sup>ir + ca</sup>
Ali Phi

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In Islamic terminology, the term "makruh" refers to a detestable act, although it is neither forbidden nor subject to punishment. A Muslim who abstains from engaging in acts considered makruh will be rewarded. Ali Phi explores this very concept through his audiovisual set, in which there is no certainty of decision-making, nor is any confirmation provided. Contrasts between the dark ambiances and tranquility of techno-electronic music are examined, as well as Middle-Eastern and West-Asian musical motifs. Phi makes use of computer programming and generative design in his work, embracing ritual, tradition, and architecture, with particular visual influence drawn from ancient Persia and the Middle East. With these elements he imagines futuristic utopias. He is also the founder and creative director of Nullsight, a media arts collective, and has been the curator of the Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition Festival since 2014. He has performed and exhibited internationally at venues that include MUTEK Dubai, Ars Electronica (Austria), the Ontario Science Centre, Tasmeem Doha (Qatar), and the Tehran Architecture Biennial. Most recently, Phi’s work has been presented at Patchlab Digital Art Festival (Poland) and Asia Art Fair (France). Works that are part of his commercial art practice are represented by Mohsen Gallery in Tehran, Iran.