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Alejandro Mosso<sup>AR</sup>
Alejandro Mosso

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An Argentinian who’s musical forte has been bred in Berlin, Alejandro Mosso has been at the forefront of developing innovative percussive, organic and delicate electronic music for more than 15 years. As a worldwide touring artist, he has performed his captivating live sets across South America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The Berliner is also a dedicated and prolific producer, releasing forward thinking projects that span the genre spectrum since 2003.

Throughout the years, world renowned labels like Cocoon, Third Ear, !K7, Hivern Discs, Sushitech, Sol Selectas and more have welcomed the Mosso sound to their catalogues. In 2017, he released his album “Isolation Diaries”, a first class listen that presented remixes from two of the most interesting and influential electronic music producers of the last decades: Burnt Friedmann and Ricardo Villalobos. The Argentinian also runs his own label “mosso”, focused on releasing untarnished material with a sense of character and individualism present in each release.

One year after the release of the first volume of Other Worlds, Alejandro brought us Vol. 2 in 2020, digging deeper and further into the world of binaural 3D music. Other Worlds Vol. 2 provides the listener with four new immersive and hypnotic pieces of music exclusively designed for headphone listening. Each composition offers a seamless blend of electronic and acoustic instruments merging into a slow and organic pulse.


Cocoon Recordings, Third Ear, Hivern Discs


Gaia (Hivern Discs), Isolation Diaries (Third Ear Recordings)