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Adonia BouchehriDE

Adonia Bouchehri<sup>DE</sup>
Adonia Bouchehri

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London-based artist Adonia Bouchehri investigates the impact of images on our bodies. She perceives images as agents which inhabit the body, shaping our feelings and perceptions. Bouchehri builds scenes using CGI, live action footage, sculpting and writing. Her research investigates the properties of images, their significance and the effects they have on people. Her approach mainly comes from her visual arts background, entangling traditional imagery into modern pieces. Her memories of stories told by her mother who had lived in Iran before the Revolution bleed through in her work. The spaces created are an encounter of real-life experiences and her imagination, taking the fragmented ideas and weaving them into something new. Bouchehri has exhibited and screened her work in the UK and across the pond, having presented her work in the United States.


London-based artist Adonia Bouchehri, constructing fragmentary realms through moving images.


Her work Frozen (2019) was presented at the Royal Academy in Edinburgh, at Currents New Media in New Mexico and at Traverse Video Artist and Experimental Film Festival in Toulouse.


Jello was screened at the 64th BFI Film Festival in 2020.