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Grand RiverIT/NL

Grand River<sup>IT/NL</sup>
Grand RiverIT/NL

Aimée Portioli aka Grand River, is an Italian-Dutch composer, musician and producer based in Berlin. Coming from a strong background of traditional music composition, she is also a sound engineer and composer at the sound agency Taptempo studios.

Her work is mainly connected to the fields of electronic music and sound design, but her compositions transcend these genres. She works in the fields of film scores and experimental ambient projects influenced by classical minimal music.

Grand River’s variety of sound design structures and symphonic calculations, intersects with traditional composition and research-based modernism. Her unique sound was spotted by Donato Dozzy who released her first album ¨Pineapple¨ on Spazio Disponibile in 2018.

Aimée also runs her own record label, One Instrument, which is a sound experiment that aims to challenge artists by ¨limiting¨ them in producing a composition using only one instrument of their choice. She has released EPs by Donato Dozzy, Neel or Alessandro di Puccio.

She recently contributed with the track ¨This Was Us¨ as part of the compilation released by Ghostly International, Thousands Of Eyes In The Dark¨ which was improvised solely on a Yamaha DX7.

Grand River is presented as part of the MUSE ¨A new Wave in the Mediterranean¨ program, promoted by the Italian Consulate General in Barcelona.


Italian-Dutch composer and music producer, Aimée Portioli


This Was Us (Ghostly International (2019); Pineapple (Spazio Disponibile 2018)