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France JobinQC/CA

France Jobin<sup>QC/CA</sup>
France JobinQC/CA

France Jobin is a sound/installation / artist, composer, and curator residing in Montreal, whose audio art, qualified as “sound-sculpture", reveals a minimalist approach to complex sound environments where analog and digital intersect. Her installations incorporate both musical and visual elements inspired by the architecture of physical spaces. Her work can be “experienced” internationally in a variety of unconventional spaces and new technology festivals. While her music often makes use of restraint and limit, she isn't one to shy away from extremes. Her skillful interplay between highs and lows, louds and softs, creates an intricate narrative, which stretches the listener's perception and continually refocuses attention.

Jobin presented the world premiere of Intrication at MUTEK.AR, September 14th 2018, as a live A/V performance with Argentinian visual artists Prifma. Inspired by quantum entanglement, she has attempted to discover the relationship between sound and observing sound and the consequences thereof. All sounds were recorded at various locations in North America, Europe and Japan and at EMS (Stockholm) using the Serge and the Buchla 200 modular synthesizers as well as the Nord Modular, thanks to EMS (Stockholm).