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Cindy Li aka Ciel is a Toronto DJ, producer, and promoter whose accomplished and varied live sets have made her name around the world. Equally important is her solid commitment to and active engagement in the Toronto alternative music scene and in women's representation in music. A trained classical pianist, Ciel's journey in electronic music and DJing began in 2015 with her Work In Progress party series. These events evolved from her radio show of the same name, which actively promoted gender representation by only playing music made by women. More recently, the It's Not U It's Me project has seen Ciel collaborate with Gingy for a series of bigger parties held in warehouses, strip malls, and other disused spaces. Ciel continues to be an outspoken voice for female and non-binary musicians and artists.

Ciel will play her debut set for MUTEK this year. Her diverse repertoire takes in techno, house, ambient, drum & bass, acid, jungle, and trance. Meanwhile, her knack for unearthing hidden record store gems lends a unique character to her live sets. Influenced by her early love for downtempo and ambient styles (including Boards of Canada, Slowdive, and Aphex Twin), she brings a light touch to even the most slamming dancefloor beats.


Toronto-based DJ and producer Cindy Li


Parallel Minds, Ghostly International, Peach Discs, Coastal Haze, Allergy Season, Forth, Schmer, Dansu Discs, Junted


Why Me? (2019), Hundred Flowers (2018), Electrical Encounters (2017)


In her parallel work as a promoter, Ciel has provided a platform for fellow emerging talent such as Montréal DJ and musician Project Pablo, whom she booked for the first time in 2016.