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Taras MashtalirRU

Taras Mashtalir<sup>RU</sup>
Taras MashtalirRU

"The sculpture represents the intersection of several currents of mercury that flow under the influence of the gravity of the planet Earth and that in turn cross the Milky Way. Frozen in a temporal vacuum, at the intersection of dimensions, it reminds us of the ancient Vimanas, using this element to create a gravitational field, with the help of which an airplane could develop an incredible speed and force, allowing them to move through the Universe.

At the same time, sculpture is an object of the modern world. It is interactive and similar to a living being: it feels your presence, it responds to your actions with sound and color. A silent AI that plays the role of a mirror for a person: how you express yourself, you will receive that response.

We are responsible for the knowledge that humanity has been keeping in itself for thousands of years, many of which are now being revealed and available. We are responsible for our technologies and their development. For the kind of world we are building. - TARAS MASHTALIR


Taras Mashtalir is a composer and producer, working with sounds ranging from experimental to popular music.