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hm505 & VJ mentalny jeżUS+PL

hm505 & VJ mentalny jeż<sup>US+PL</sup>
hm505 & VJ mentalny jeżUS+PL

Since his youth, hm505 aka Hakim Murphy believes that music has touched him in a way that made him fall in love with its rhythms, harmonies, and melodies. So in the natural progression dancing took over his body, but yet his soul craved for more and that is when playing records surfaced. Ah, then the fascination with the fast dance tracks turned into deep House production through friends and experiences, which blossomed into a Bachelor’s degree in music composition. Liberal arts training allowed him to take classes and learn about human intellect, nature, and essentially his personal definition of art. Synapsis Records and Machining Dreams record labels are born and currently releasing music by, for, and from the underground.

Born in Opole, VJ mentalny jeż aka Michał Przyszlak currently lives and works in Warsaw. He deals with graphic and motion design on a daily basis. Author and co-creator of many multimedia projects presented in Poland and abroad, including in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg and the UAE. Experimenting with form and means of expression as he constantly looks for new inspirations. As a VJ, he constantly faces new challenges, mixing different techniques, genres and forms of expression.


US-based producer hm505 aka Hakim Murphy teams up with Polish visual artist VJ mentalny jeż for the premiere of a new audiovisual adventure.