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AMNL PRNT & Valeria VicenteMX

AMNL PRNT & Valeria Vicente<sup>MX</sup>
AMNL PRNT & Valeria VicenteMX

Paulina Olea is the mastermind behind AMNL PRNT, a project that over the years has been characterized by experimentation and mysticism using her voice and transforming it into atmospheres that contrast between harmony and noise. In her introspection as a soloist, she focuses on the construction of complex musical passages that circulate around ambient, glitch and a smooth trip hop guided by her soothing vocal melodies. Within the next few days, Paulina plans to release her next EP in conjunction with Victor Vallone AKA Reflections, as well as a first solo LP to be released in 2021.

Valeria Vicente's work could be summarized in 3 words: VJ and visual artist; however, her extensive resume makes her one of the most active minds in the production of video, photography and visual shows for artists and festivals in Mexico. Born in Acapulco, Guerrero, she has been living and developing her work for 6 years now at CDMX. Her creative processes are defined by mixed media, a technique that combines the creation and re-appropriation of filmic elements to later be intervened with photographic filters and diverse materials and techniques such as databending, creative coding and live improvisation, resulting in new experiences in the field of moving image exploration.


Mexican producer Paulina Olea and visual artist Valeria Vicente


Lo Inaudito

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Lullafeed (2020)