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Dubai, September 16, 2023
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Tanweer Sacred Music Festival

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In doing so, we empower the tribal cultures of the world by channeling revenues downstream to their respective communities so they may flourish. We achieve this through a festival that showcases ancestral music, wisdom, and crafts.

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Totems: Reverent, Nourishing, Transformative

- Reverent: Through sacred sounds, we aim to create a sense of reverence and remembrance for the old ways, while also fostering unity and connection among all people.

- Nourishing: The festival emphasizes the importance of nourishing the body, mind, and spirit, with a focus on healthy food, self-care, and mindfulness practices.

- Transformative: The festival has the potential to be a transformative experience for attendees, allowing them to deepen their connection to their cultural roots and explore new ways of being.

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Animation Art Direction

“Within & Without”

For this animation experience, we would like the visitors to have a holistic experience feeling grounded to the earth & connected to the universe.

Experiencing heightened senses, expansion of mind, and deeper connection with the body.

Art direction would be to incorporate elements of sacred geometry, fractals, the universal electromagnetic grid, elements of nature (wind, water, fire, earth), sacred geometry in insects, plants, spirit animals, and the universe.

We would like the visitors to experience an esoteric feel connected to the spiritual world beyond our physical 3D reality.

We would like the artist to create animations and tools that can be used to create moods according to the music being played at the moment.

The visual mapping will be projected on a mountain & main stage hence the artist would need to take this into consideration integration while proposing art direction.

To incorporate lighting design with elements of smoke and lasers.

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Journey 1

“Telling the story of the journey of awakening”

  • Moving from the material world and matrix to within
  • Reflection of self
  • Observing patterns
  • Breaking old patterns
  • Viewing through other perspectives of humans, other species, plants, the earth, the universe, one
  • Letting go of attachments
  • Rewiring the brain and DNA
  • Inner peace
  • Sense of connection within and without
  • Traveling through space and time
  • Back to oneness
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Journey 2

“Telling a story through a fractal journey of interconnectivity”

  • Starting with a sphere of fire representing the core of the earth and the sun
  • Core radiates ripples of fire and light turning into ripples of water
  • The sphere ripples turn into the flower of life (replicated spheres)
  • Spheres replicate to create patterns
  • Patterns turn into underground insects like ladybugs, colorful beetles, etc.
  • Insects grow wings and fly and disperse
  • Roots, veins, lightning, lungs shaped patterns are created representing the roots and passages where energy is transferred into life
  • Sprouting of vegetation, over ground and forming into lungs, trees & flowers
  • Flowers replicate and turn into geometric patterns and are blown away with the wind
  • Patterns of scales turning into a fish turning into snakes
  • Patterns of spots turning into spotted fish patterns, to spotted reptile patterns to leopard patterns, turning into spotted butterfly patterns and fluttering and dispersing
  • Patterns of hexagons turning into turtles and beehives, rock formations
  • Patterns of stripes turning into zebra and tiger patterns
  • Spiral pattern turning into spiral shells, turning into ferns, turning into sunflowers, turning into peacock tail, turning into the universe
  • Flying through the universe viewing it through the electromagnetic grid
  • Back to oneness

Mood Setting Tools

Creating elements and tools to use live that synchronize the emotion of the music with a visual to enhance the emotion

  • Feeling of calm
  • Feeling of clarity
  • Feeling of suspense
  • Feeling of intensity
  • Feeling ecstatic
  • Feeling bliss
  • Mystical feel
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The image on the right is the mountains that we plan to map.

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