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Taras MashtalirRU

Taras Mashtalir<sup>RU</sup>
Taras MashtalirRU

A composer and sound designer, a classical musician turned electronic music producer. His compositions are a unique blend of different genres morphed together and wrapped into a new aesthetic fabric of electronic ambience. His works also include multimedia installations, soundtracks for the films and animations.

Taras is involved with several projects exploring new dimensions of digital publishing, co-founder of media poetry group Machine Libertine, co-founder and editor of digital publishing portal; co-creator of multimedia poetic project PROTOTOROID, co-creator and producer of New York based multimedia project Discrete Encounter, founder of SONICOLOGY (innovative international initiative on the formation of harmonious sonic aesthetics in urban environments through the use of latest technologies).


Taras Mashtalir is a composer and producer, working with sounds ranging from experimental to popular music