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MoonshineSMS FOR LOCATION: Live edition

The afro centred collective known as Moonshine comes together for SMS FOR LOCATION - Live edition. Known globally for their lunar-based raves celebrating African and Electronic music, the crew is here to bring fire to the digital stage. From a rooftop overlooking South West Montreal, Pierre Kwenders, San Farafina and Bonbon Kojak gather on the decks to drop original Moonshine music complimented by the talented vocalist Odile Myrtil and the spirited percussion of Elli Mbonda.

“The essence of Moonshine came out of parties we used to throw in our kitchens,” recalls Kwenders. “We felt like we couldn’t go out and find what we had cooked up in that kitchen. It’s one of the reasons we started Moonshine: to share that with more people who felt just like us, and who didn’t have access to such sounds or vibes.”

Almost six years from its inception, the niche that Moonshine Collective has carved out in Montréal’s nightlife milieu has grown into a global phenomenon. Spanning continents to enrich the local and international music scene, Moonshine has grown from its ever popular all-night, Afro-futuristic, bass-heavy, electro-funk, moonlit parties. Introducing the third volume to the acclaimed mixtape series, SMS FOR LOCATION, Vol. 3, is a curated auditory sensation that will permeate and seep through your limbs. With stylings and sounds that mimic that of what you would hear at the coveted Moonshine parties, this installment of the mixtape series reached into the past, present and future of Moonshine collaborators and artists. As true to its core, expect genre-defying tracks, eclectic rhythms, and hypnotizing melodies that will transform every speaker, headphone or living room into a feverish, hedonistic and transcendent experience of a Moonshine signature event.

Presented by Nyege Nyege et TransmissionMTL, as part of Stream On, a project by MUTEK, with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. #BringingTheArtsToLife


The afro centred collective known as Moonshine comes together for SMS FOR LOCATION - Live edition