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Kafuka & KezzardrixJP

Kafuka & Kezzardrix<sup>JP</sup>
Kafuka & KezzardrixJP

Kazuomi Eshima, also known as Kafuka, is a Kansai-based producer known for incorporating a wide range of natural, organic sounds, field recordings and acoustic programming into his musical work. He released his work on Kyoto-based in 2016, and then on Berlin label Mooncircle the next year. 2020 saw his first installation "CYCLEE" and the release of his collaborative album "Inheritance for Soundscape" together with fellow Kyoto electronic musician Masahiko Takeda. Kafuka is managed by the creative label and media lab Laatry.

Kezzardrix is the moniker of visual artist Ryo Kanda, who works exclusively with digital creation ranging from live visuals to music video productions. Besides his creative work, he supports a wide range of contemporary art initiatives with stage design, digital signages and applications. Kanda a member of the creative collective SjQ++, which was awarded the Ars Electronica Award of Distinction, and frequently collaborates with Black Matel Unit VMO. His collaborative work with Satoru Higa, a media artist and member of, as HEXPIXELS has received critical acclaim.


Kansai-based musician and producer Kafuka and digital creative geek Kezzardrix