First acts revealed for the 6th edition of MUTEK.ES Barcelona March 4-7, 2015

Talaboman, Murcof & Simon Geilfus, Herman Kolgen, Magic Mountain High, Kangding Ray, Nonotak and more!

December 10, 2014
First acts revealed for the 6th edition of MUTEK.ES Barcelona March 4-7, 2015

The sixth edition of MUTEK in Barcelona is primed and the first names are ready to be unleashed. Following a 5th anniversary year which saw a significant consolidating of audience and increasing flair as a platform for debuts and premieres, the festival is excited to announce a program heavy with masters of audiovisual works, emerging and established Spanish stars and an international cross section of electronic music’s most vital producers. Establishing itself as a festival firmly rooted in its own home city, while maintaining the values and signatures of the flagship Montréal event, the team in Barcelona is ready to push things to the next level this coming March 4 - 7 with 4 days and 4 nights of exclusive programming. Here are the first confirmed artists in what will be another daring adventure:


Based in a city synonymous with innovation and global vision, MUTEK [ES] happens to intersect with the World Mobile Conference this year, offering visitors and locals an opportunity to indulge in the latest technology and art in complimentary and multifaceted ways. Once again, the festival seeks out new contexts and spaces in the city centre in which to explore the various iterations of contemporary electronic and digital culture, this year emphasizing audiovisual wizardry and more installations than ever before.

The ultra modern Barts Theatre, a brand new venue for the festival will be outfitted with quadrophonic sound and sophisticated scenography and act as the main home for the A/VISIONS concert series, which will be expanded by a day this year. The updated and timeless work by Catalonia based, Mexican born musician MURCOF, and Antivj’s SIMON GEILFUS with its semi-transparent, multi-dimensional screen set up, affecting real time generated imagery and immersive sound will come alive inside of this venerable space. A critically lauded masterpiece “that plays across the sensory planes themselves, the audio and visuals fuse into one common organism that seems to live and breathe before (y)our eyes” (Rover Arts, 2011).

Seisimik, the recent project by Montréal based ‘audiocinetic’ artist HERMAN KOLGEN, which premiered last year at MUTEK’s 15th edition comes to Spain as a Barcelona premiere. An audiovisual, and real time data visualization—literally plugged into the Earth, for which he has developed software that picks up on global magnetic fields and seismic activity, generating abstracted sound and dramatic visual motifs, the performance will also feature the European premiere of Aftershock, an extended rumination on these themes.

The festival returns to the Institut français to showcase a dazzling performance by precocious French/Japanese duo NONOTAK. Late Speculation is presented inside of a specially built, audio synched projection mapping set which creates a stunning stage space for their sound and light play. Herman Kolgen’s infamous piece Dust. will also be presented at the Institut.

While Catalonia has been producing and exporting some big names in global techno and electronic music these days, the underground scene has been increasingly coming into its own. This years PLAY program will again exercise its strong commitment to local artists, and details about these concerts will be published in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, global star JOHN TALABOT, who limits his hometown appearances, will be performing alongside AXEL BOMAN (a former Barcelona resident) under their collaborative DJ banner TALABOMAN. Their genesis story is rooted in their appearance two years ago at MUTEK Montréal and is much more than a back to back exercise as they strive for a deep spiritual merging of style and flow. Mysterious local collective and label BIRDSMAKINGMACHINE, whose vinyl based productions have been building them a reputation in Berlin and London, will bring their eclectic sounds live to the opening night bill at Moog Club, alongside German house stalwart MOVE D.

Club4, another new venue for the festival, will host a NOCTURNE program featuring the live debut of EDUARDO DE LA CALLE. Flying under the radar in Spain, he’s made his name with his Analog Solutions white label releases, which have snuck into the record bags of the famous, but for MUTEK he will be debuting his first live show and the festival is thrilled to be presenting this auspicious premiere. Performing alongside him is young Argentinian DJ, and MUTEK Mexico and MUTEK Argentina alumnus, FRANCO CINELLI  who will let loose a trippy set based on minimal dubby techno and bumpy acid forays. Germany’s ZENKER BROTHERS, Dario and Marco, make their Barcelona debut with a live performance showcasing their forthcoming album Immersion, to be released early  in 2015 on their own label Ilian Tape, replete with their signature excursions into techno and house.

On the weekend, the NOCTURNE series of late night global electronic music mayhem will occur across two stages at the notorious Nitsa Club.  On deck is the Spanish premiere of MOVE D with JUJU & JORDASH as MAGIC MOUNTAIN HIGH, the trio’s full gear improvisation collaboration that highlights the transformative power of their combined musicianship, evoking a sense of some kind of jazz from the year 3000. Also debuting his live show in Barcelona, young German producer MAX GRAEF who’s ingenious and infectious mix of house, breakbeat and jazz earned him New Comer of the Year in Germany for 2014. French producer KANGDING RAY, associated with the Raster Noton label,  will also shake the Nitsa with his dark and digital experimentalism, a frenzy of rhythm and sonic precision.  And there are still many more acts to be announced!

With the Convent Sant Agusti as the headquarters of the festival once again, the DIGISECTION program of conferences, workshops, and presentations, along with the PLAY series, will take place at this historic space. Expect many of the distinguished names already mentioned to be participating in the daytime activities.

Stay tuned — the full DIGISECTION lineup, more artist names, programs and activities will be rolled out mid January.


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