First Edition of MUTEK_IMG Strikes an Optical Nerve

Plus MUTEK and Elektra synchronize their festival dates for 2014

December 06, 2013
First Edition of MUTEK_IMG Strikes an Optical Nerve


The first edition of MUTEK_IMG, held  last week from November 21 to 23 at the Phi Centre, brought together the cream of the digital creative community in Montréal. Gathered in front of an attentive audience, more than fifty artists and creators working in the digital and technological visual milieu presented their work,  revealed their creative process, demonstrated their practice, and provided a multitude of perspectives on imagination and application. 


Among the many highlights during the symposium - Moment Factory exposed all the fascinating phases leading to their monumental multimedia projection on the facade of the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona in September 2012; VYV shared the technological feats involved in the show Michael Jackson ONE; ESKI revealed their immersive and participatory experiments in crowd activation, while artists and audiences took a dive into the heart of VJ culture and A/V creation, which is thriving in the Montréal scene. The generosity of participants, the sharing of these methods and visions and the excitement they generated, confirm Montréal's international reputation as a hub for digital creativity and innovation.


Imagined as a unifying event involving a diversity of  independent artists and creatives working in digital visual production in Montréal, the success of MUTEK_IMG even exceeded our expectations. This first edition has uncovered a burgeoning and dynamic environment, throwing a spotlight on the many high calibre and ingenious, local and international projects undertaken by the participants, many of which are often the result of cross-collaboration between companies and artists.  While each of the rooms was operating at near capacity during the day, hundreds were enjoying the live video streaming, and each of these sessions is archived on the MUTEK site for further reference. As well, true to its mission to promote all forms of encounters between artists and audiences, the Phi Centre proved to be a particularly excellent place to facilitate these exchanges and networking. Moreover, seeing that MUTEK_IMG was so well received and meets a real community need, we intend to implement this initiative in the fall of 2014.










Camuz  (FR)
La Presse (FR)




Closing MUTEK_IMG Saturday night, the CEOs and Artistic Directors of Elektra and MUTEK, Alain Thibault and Alain Mongeau, announced that the two festivals, both celebrating their 15th anniversaries in 2014, will synchronize their dates to create one major event. Mark your calendars for the last week in May. A new festival format representing the organizations' first combined effort, will take place inside the larger framework of the first Printemps Numérique, including the second edition of the International Digital Arts Biennial and the 2nd edition of the Quartier des spectacles' Parcours Numérique


Sharing a parallel history in promoting and cultivating digital creativity, both organizations were already recognized and honoured jointly in 2010, with the awarding of the Grand Prize of the Conseil des arts de Montréal - in the digital art category. This evolving rapprochement between Elektra and MUTEK is the result of a shared commitment to further consolidate the centre of Montréal digital creation and strengthen its international influence.   







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